Matthias, age 19

The Augustine Way helped, first and foremost, by providing an environment to share with other men who had similar struggles. The accountability and encouragement I experienced in the group was a huge help.” 

Ryan, age 22

“For me, the main problem was not lustful temptations but a deeper desire to be connected and loved. The Augustine Way helped me learn about my inner motivations and desires so I can be a healthy and complete man.” 

Ben, age 32

The Augustine Way has helped me to grow in my abilities to recognize my triggers, negative self-talk, and tendency to isolate after a setback. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to be real and raw with other men who are battling the same struggle.” 

Janson, age 24

“I was first told about pornography when I was in the 4th grade and while I knew it was wrong, my parents didn’t speak much with me about its dangers. Through high school and college this led me into the hookup culture where these habits were compounded. While I had a great deal of accountability in my life through my conversion in college, The Augustine Way helped me understand the science of the brain regarding my habitual use of pornography and masturbation. It has especially helped me to attack the cues and triggers that occur at the beginning of the cycle of the habit.”

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