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The Augustine Way

Why Battle Pornography?

Why fight the battle against pornography? Because it’s not just sinful, it can be devastating. Porn can affect every area of your life, including relationships, work, school, even health. Left unchecked, porn habits always grow worse.

If you’re caught in the grip of porn, you should know two things: First, it is absolutely is worth fighting the habit. And second, chastity is most certainly possible. There is hope.



What does Pornography Cost You?

  • Pornography fills me with shame
  • Pornography distorts my sexuality
  • Pornography is stealing my time
  • Pornography is affecting my relationships
  • Pornography is killing my prayer life
  • Pornography is affecting my work
  • Pornography is affecting my life decisions
The Augustine Way

What does The Augustine Way offer?

  • Break free of the slavery of mortal sin
  • Grow in virtue and holiness
  • Break the cycle of sin and shame
  • Stop living a double life
  • Disrupt compulsive behavior
  • Accept yourself as a sexual being
  • Learn to resist cravings
  • Rewire your brain
  • Build healthy new habits
  • Open yourself to God’s grace
  • Grow in intimacy and respect
  • Find spiritual peace
  • Conform your life to Christ
  • Gain the freedom to be who God created you to be.

Envisioning Your Best Self: Harnessing Your “I Want” Power

One of the key insights of The Augustine Way is harnessing what some psychologists call your “I Want” power. We’re familiar with the common aspects of willpower, which involves “I Will” and “I Won’t” powers, but these are limited without a long-term vision.

Your “I Want” power is the ability to envision a healthy future for yourself–a future of holiness, wholeness, and peace. In essence,  it is imagining your best life and pursuing it.

The Augustine Way will teach you how to create this vision of yourself–based on God’s vision for you–then give you the tools to work toward it.

The Augustine Way

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