The Augustine Way

The Augustine Way

A Guide to Overcoming Unhealthy Sexual Behavior and Finding Freedom in Chastity

A Spiritual & Psychological Approach

The Augustine Way helps participants to break free of unhealthy sexual habits and find new freedom in Christ. Developed in a seminary setting, and now redesigned for widespread use, the program uses an innovative blend of spirituality and psychology to disrupt ingrained habits and help participants establish long-term patterns of chastity.

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October 18, 2023


“I’ve witnessed first-hand the transformation in the lives of young men… The Augustine Way offers much more than abstinence training or sexual self-management.

It offers spiritual and psychological exercises for exploring the gift and mystery of our sexuality and how it moves us into deeper relationships.”

– Fr. Paul Hoesing

A Robust Response to a Huge Problem

Internet pornography has made the already-difficult battle for chastity exponentially harder to fight. Thus the men and women who want to find freedom require profound and effective solutions.

The Augustine Way is an intensive small-group program for those who truly want to fight and win the battle.

Groups of 5-10 participants

12 meetings over 6-8 months
Robust 200-page handbook
Group discussion and study
Personal assessments and exercises
Accountability partners
Prayer and spiritual direction

Antidote to Despair

“In some ways, we Catholics are just beginning to see how psychological principles profoundly impact our spiritual lives. The Augustine Way ‘baptizes’ the best research on how our brains work and applies it to chastity.

The fruit of this approach has been incredible. When participants understand these concepts, something ‘clicks’ inside… it allows God’s grace to flow freely in areas where before there was nothing but shame and despair.

– Dr. Sue Harvath

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The Augustine Way

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